Thru-Tubing Motors

Cobra Downhole Motors’ new generation of small motors are specifically designed for thru-tubing completion and production applications. Cobra offers conventional and even wall power sections options for extreme drilling applications. They’re available in sizes from 1-1/16 inch OD to 3-3/4 inch OD. We combine new material technology and innovative product features with a customer driven approach.


5-6 2.3 EW
5-6 5.0

5-6 6.0 EW
5-6 6.0


7-8 4.0

5-6 3.5
5-6 4.7
5-6 3.5 EW


5-6 3.5
7-8 2.5 EW
7-8 3.0

4-5 4.3 EW
7-8 2.3
7-8 6.7


Download the complete Thru-Tubing Folder



Cobra Downhole Motors manufactures all bearing assemblies, driveshafts, and adjustable housings to the highest standards of quality. We test and re-test all of our components so that you can be assured of the most durable and highest-performing motors in the industry.

Cobra Downhole Motors assigns and maintains serial numbers for every major component it builds. Traceability is documented and maintained at every step in the manufacturing and service process in our specialized inventory-tracking software program, from the material certifications of the raw materials used, through machining, assembly and delivery, hours in operation, refurbishment records and even its anticipated length of service. Before we deliver a motor, every part is thoroughly inspected to ensure that it meets our precise specifications. The complete record of the part is available for customer review.

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